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Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Book Reviews: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Book Summary and Quotes. Six-Step Formula & secret of Napoleon Hill in "Think and Grow Rich"
Book Reviews: Think and Grow Rich: The Landmark Bestseller Now Revised and Updated for the 21st Century by Napoleon Hill 

Introduction of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich is the representative work of the American successful scientist and writer Napoleon Hill. It is known as one of the best inspirational books in human history. It was gradually completed in the author's personal interviews for more than 20 years. The book reveals in its accurate and refined language The secret to success and 13 steps are presented. 

Hill's most famous book, Think and Grow Rich, was published in 1937 and was based on his previous book, The Law of Success. Using the stories of several successful people, this book explains 13 principles for success in every area of ​​life. 

In The Laws of Success, Hill studies the habits of successful people, illustrating 16 laws they apply to achieve their goals, and in Think and Grow Rich, he offers 13 principles for success. 

The 13 principles listed in the book are Desire, Belief, Autosuggestion, Expertise, Imagination, Organised Planning, Decision Making, Perseverance, Mastermind Power, Mystery of Sexual Transformation, Subconscious Mind, Brain, and Sixth Sense. 

Since the book was written decades ago, the most recent edition contains editorial comments as well as additional insights and examples of contemporary successes or discoveries. They also offer to convert numerous amounts quoted to today's current value.

The most distinctive feature of the secret described in Napoleon Hill's great book is that those who master it and use it go on to success. It has guided the extraordinary and successful journey of many well-known and well-known figures, such as US President Roosevelt, inventor Edison, entrepreneur Rockefeller, etc., who have benefited a lot from it, and more ordinary people have accumulated wealth. 

as a result, some have succeeded in achieving family harmony, some have gained the support of business partners, and even President Wilson has used these tips in military training and raising money for the war.

Book: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


About the Author: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 

Napoleon Hill (1883-1970) was American self-help and personal achievement writer. His most successful books are The Laws of Success (1928) and Think and Grow Rich (1937), which have sold over 70 million copies worldwide.

He is originally from Virginia, where his low-income family lives. He started his career as a reporter for his father's newspaper. He also went to law school, dropping out due to a lack of funds. Hill has founded several companies over the years. 

Some end up in bankruptcy or other legal problems. The turning point came in 1908 when he interviewed Andrew Carnegie, one of the most influential men in the world at the time. Carnegie commissioned Hill to interview some of America's most successful people to learn from their achievements and create a solid formula that anyone can understand and apply.

Hill interviewed Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, John D. Rockefeller, Alexander Graham Bell, and many others. First the Law of Success, then Think and Grow Rich, the result of nearly 20 years of work and interviews. 

Napoleon Hill is a controversial figure these days, and despite the great success of his writings, most of the information about him appears to have been invented by Hill himself. Including the famous interview with Carnegie, which seemed to be the beginning of his successful career as a writer.

Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" Quotes 

Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich": Fate-Changing Quotes That Take You on the Road to Riches | Worth Reading 

Let's take a look at some of the classic quotes.
  • If a person has a clear goal and pursues it unswervingly, he will create a completely different life.
  • Success only comes to those who have a successful mind.
  • When interacting with others, if in the spirit of harmonious coexistence, people will invisibly learn the character, habits, and ideological power of friends.
  • Experience tells me that if you can't be a really great person, then feel and act as close to them as possible and imitate them. Confidence is a key factor in successful imitation.
  • Many people choose to give up when they encounter a temporary blow. This is one of the common reasons for failure, and everyone makes this mistake often.
  • God always seems to favor those who know exactly what they want, as long as they make up their minds to do it! 
  • Indeed, the saying "It can be done" is very correct. If you combine your ideas with firm goals, perseverance, and strong beliefs to achieve wealth or other goals of interest, you will be able to achieve great things.
  • After analyzing the experiences of thousands of people, I found that most people's ideas are not alive at all when they are first formed, and they must be brought to life through clear planning and immediate action.
  • The subconscious mind will accept any instructions conveyed to it in a state of absolute confidence. Of course, these instructions often need to be presented over and over again through repeated transmissions before the subconscious mind can accept them.
  • The reason why we are the masters of our own destiny and the support of our own spirit is that we have the power to control our thoughts.
  • It is a combination of mind and spirit, so (sixth sense) may be the medium of contact between human limited mind and infinite wisdom. 
  • It is estimated that we have 60,000 separate thoughts every day, so it is no surprise that infinite wisdom can be confused about what we are trying to achieve! The truly meaningful voice can be "heard".
  • No matter what a person thinks or believes in his mind, he can realize it. "If God has not given us the ability to realize our imagination, he will never have given us a rich imagination."
  • There is a corner of human nature where the seeds of achievement are dormant. If you wake it up and make it active, it can push you to the top of life you never thought possible! 
  • The experience of the world's top successful people tells us - "Their greatest success lies in their ability to persevere and take another step in the face of failure. Failure is a liar, it is sharp and cunning, and it likes victory when it is close at hand. stumbles." 
  • If you want to do it right, and you believe in it, let it go. Let your dreams fly, and don't care what "they" say when you're temporarily frustrated, because "they" may not know that every failure contains the seeds of success, heralding its equivalent of success.
  • When your consciousness is dominated by positive emotions, your consciousness encourages you to have a thought, and this thought is self-confidence. The ability to use autosuggestion depends to a large extent on your ability to devote your full attention to an existing desire until it becomes an endless attachment. 
  • Many successful people find that opportunities always lie in failure and adversity. 
  • Tribulation compels us to move forward, or we will stop; it leads us through trials to success. Nothing of value can be obtained without suffering. Simple things everyone gets. Every successful person, who has gone through a lot of struggle in life, overcomes difficulties, and continues to meet the next challenge, is the final winner. 
  • No one can think for you, no one can act for you, no one can succeed for you - only you can. Please remember the truth of a sentence, only unexpected, not impossible. 
  • Don't expect to spend your life looking for big business or trying to wait until you collect a lot of money to do big business, education, and wisdom about money is very important, do it early - buy a good book, attend some useful, and then put it into practice, starting with small sums and gradually increasing. Learn because it's not difficult, in fact, it's pretty easy as long as you're on the right track. 
  • Everyone who wants to succeed must be willing to break the boat and cut off the retreat. The only way to maintain a strong winning mentality, which is the foundation of success.  
  • Those who achieved success in life did not go well at first, and after countless hard struggles, they reached the other side of their dreams. The turning point in the lives of successful people usually comes from a moment of crisis, in which they discover their "alter self." 
  • Many people stay in place all their lives, just because they are too short-sighted.
  • Unless we admit that it has a limit, the power of the will is infinite! Poverty and wealth are both products of thought. The more you ask from life, the richer life brings you!
  • When there is love, grasp it well and enjoy it to the fullest, but don't worry that it will leave, because you are worried that you won't be able to keep the love. 
  • When wealth came, his future was so urgent and so fast that it made people wonder where all the wealth was hiding in those difficult years? 
  • When looking for the secret to success, don't expect to find miracles, because you can't find them. All you can find is the immutable laws of nature. Everyone who believes in it and has the courage to use it can be helped by these laws.
  • If what you want to do is right, let go and do it! Let your dreams fly, and don't care what "they" say when you encounter a temporary setback, because "they" may not know that every failure contains The seed of success, heralds its equal success.

Book Summary: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Cunning Disguise

Opportunity When opportunity comes, its form and background are often disguised as "misfortune" or "temporary setback". Perhaps because of this, many people fail to see what an opportunity is.

Falling short

know how to consult an expert before giving up and

let your dreams take off

No one can be defeated unless you accept the reality of failure.


If you think you excel, then you are, you have high ambitions, you believe in yourself, and victory will always come to you. The game of life is not always cheering, faster, stronger, and the final victory belongs to whoever believes that you can do it!

Idea Create Wealth

To gain wealth, you must first "invest" and then "reap"

three steps to stimulate your subconscious mind

  1. Go to a place where you won't be disturbed, close your eyes, and recite the statement you wrote aloud
  2. every morning and evening Repeat this process until you can see (imaginary) the money you are about to receive)
  3. Put a statement you wrote in a place where you can see it morning and night, and read it aloud before going to bed and after you wake up, knowing to remember until.
Re: The subconscious will only act on emotional instructions and instructions conveyed "with the heart".

Colleagues are a valuable resource

Working with someone who doesn't compromise with adversity, close contact is an asset that can never be measured in money.

Perseverance can be cultivated

  1. clear purpose
  2. desire
  3. self-confidence
  4. clear plan
  5. self-awareness
  6. cooperation
  7. willpower (a habit of perseverance)

how habits develop perseverance

  1. Driven by a strong desire, with a clear purpose.
  2. Continue to demonstrate a clear plan of action.
  3. Not be influenced by negative and slack thoughts, including thoughts from relatives, friends, and acquaintances.
  4. Make friends with one or more people who will encourage you to follow your plans and goals.


Poverty needs no planning and no assistance because poverty is bold and reckless, and wealth is shy and cowardly. They have to be "attracted" to get it.

The Mystery of Sexuality Transformation

Sexuality is one of the most intense human desires. When driven by this desire, people develop a strong imagination, courage, willpower, perseverance, and creativity not found at other times. The desire for sexual contact is very strong and impulsive, often indulging in it, even risking life and reputation. If controlled and directed in other directions, the force retains its qualities of strong imagination and courage.

Top 10 Psychological Stimuli

  1. Expressive Desires
  2. Love
  3. Burning Desires for Fame, Power, Financial Gains, or Money
  4. Music
  5. Same-sex or He-Sex Friendship
  6. Spiritual or Worldly Achievement, a think tank of two or more people in harmony
  7. shared suffering, such as the experience of the persecuted
  8. auto-suggestion
  9. fear
  10. the work method of alcohol

genius also applies to you

if you find that the accumulated knowledge is not enough to accomplish When the invention is made, the source of knowledge is obtained through the ability to create.
  1. 10 kinds of mental stimuli to motivate yourself
  2. Focus on the known elements (the completed part) of the object of the invention and form a perfect image of its unknown elements (the unfinished part) in the mind. 
He will keep this image in his mind until the subconscious takes over, then clear his mind and wait for the answer to "flash" into his mind.

Creativity and creativity

give it action entirely by emotion, not by cold intellect. Keep It Humorous

True Love Powered

Love, romance, and performance drive men to the pinnacle of achievement. Love acts as a safety valve, ensuring balance, calm, serenity, and constructive work. When combined, these three emotions have the potential to elevate a person to the status of a genius.

Team Strength Think Tank

We sat down at a conference table, explained the nature of the problem we were facing, and started the discussion. Everyone put forward their own ideas as much as possible. The peculiarity of this wisdom-evoking method is that it enables each participant to connect with unknown sources of knowledge beyond their own experience.

Why do people spend so much time making excuses and covering up their weaknesses to fool themselves? If the time is spent elsewhere, the same amount of time can be used to overcome the weakness, and then there is no need for excuses. 

Life is like a game of chess, your opponent is time.

Book Reviews: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

For this book, what I want to write is not a comment, but some of my own experience and review, because I really learned a lot from this book. 

The most important sentence is: Your thoughts determine your life.

I am a materialist myself. I believe that the world is material, and material is immortal. They are eternal, and what has changed is only the external manifestation. This is what I have always believed. But this book has allowed me to think about things beyond the material, like the mind, the soul, and so on.

The material structure of the human body is essentially the same, but why are there such great differences in the world we live in, and the appearance of each person is so different, and where is the source of these differences? The ancients said: One kind of rice raises a hundred kinds of people. What is the nature of this difference? 

In the face of these doubts and questions, I began to think about my life, what my future looks like, what will guide and determine my future, how do I live my life, and what kind of life is my life? Waiting for all the question marks to appear in my mind, I kept asking myself and talking to myself, and finally, I found the answer in this book.

The difference between people in our thinking. What kind of thinking we have determines what kind of life we will experience and what kind of future we will harvest. If our minds are motivated, diligent, firm, and persistent, with clear goals, then we will surely lead a rich, wonderful, prosperous life, full of sunshine and smiles; 

on the contrary, if our minds are Passive, inactive, depressed, lazy, and procrastinating, then we will face double deprivation and poverty of spirit and material, and our life will be like a walking dead, living a meaningless life.

"Think and Grow Rich," tells us that thinking not only means that thinking can make you rich in material, but it can also give you great satisfaction and enjoyment in spirit. The process of thinking is the process of transforming knowledge into ability and practice. , and only through this process, can our thoughts generate true wisdom under the collision of knowledge, and allow us to more accurately locate our own life and life, and even locate our future and pursuit. 

This is the power of thinking, thinking lets us know that the failures we have experienced are no longer just pain, it also brings us lessons and a path to success; thinking lets us know that we should learn to let go of the past, no matter what the past is A regional journey is still a dream of heaven. We all have to learn to forget it, and then go on the road easily because we still have tomorrow.

I have read this book more than once because I feel that I need to digest many things repeatedly. It is not a kind of mental anesthesia for myself, but a reflection and transcendence of myself. I began to believe that people are the product of their own thoughts. , your current thinking determines your future appearance. 

I know this makes many people sound a bit idealistic, but the truth is, if we are brave enough and honest enough, we should face this reality, The future is today's imagination. What do you expect from your future, your future will become what you imagined. This is also what we often say: let it come true.

In our society, many successful people are typical examples of thinking and getting rich. Whether they are politicians or entrepreneurs, their today is what they imagined yesterday, and no one will say that everything they do is suddenly fallen from the sky. They were full of dreams and hopes for the future yesterday and pursued their dreams with their actions and efforts. 

Finally, with God's blessing and their own hard work, their efforts got today's harvest. This is the power of thought, we are always a product of our thoughts, everyone is. Those beggars lying on the street begging, their idea is to go to the street tomorrow, dress pitifully, and pray to meet a few rich and kind people, and give them generous alms, so they will be as they are tomorrow. 

Thinking of lying on the street, to meet the contempt of most people, and the sympathy of a few people, his life is also the product of his thoughts, if they are willing to change, they can have a different life, and they can stand in the same era. On the cusp of the storm, to become a pioneer in fighting the storm, to dominate the fate of the times, and create a new river of the century.

So I always tell myself that if I haven't succeeded today, it's because I didn't try hard enough, it's because my thinking isn't positive, and it's because we learned to make ourselves rich fly thoughts, but I'll work hard, and I'll keep going To change, I believe that I can definitely do what I want because I am a successful person in my mind. 

If I am not today, I will work hard today. If not tomorrow, I will continue to work hard tomorrow. I will definitely become what I dream of. , No one can stop my footsteps, my indomitable footsteps.

After reading this book, I have given up complaining, because I have nothing to complain about, I am the main factor in everything, I am the key to my own success, maybe we face a lot of injustice, that's the norm, there is nothing to complain because we are also better than others in many aspects, 

and we also have our own advantages, so the main thing is to try to wake up the giant in your heart, the giant who can make you stand tall, and then let him obey orders obediently For you, and try to live the life you want, that's all you should do.

Think and Grow Rich: A Six-Step Formula for Turning Desires into Financial Freedom and Success

What the mind can imagine and believe, it can achieve. - Napoleon Hill

It's not a quick buck, foolproof method because, as you'll learn, it's more about a specific mindset you have to create in order to be successful, not just in business, but in every aspect of your life. aspect. This approach helps you define your goals and the steps you will take to achieve them. Recognize that the hard work is still on you. The six-step formula was said by Napoleon Hill.

Six-step formula decomposition 

The six-step formula is a way of training the mind to pursue the goal of earning a specific amount within a time limit. According to Hill, it is only when you have a strong desire for wealth that you convince yourself that you will eventually have it. By developing a desire for money, you'll become "money-conscious," meaning you'll see that you have the money you want before you actually have it. Hill also said: "Only those who are money conscious will accumulate huge fortunes."

What are the six steps of the Napoleon Hill method?

1. Determine in your mind the exact amount you want. Just saying "I want a lot of money" is not enough. Determine the amount. There is a psychological reason behind the idea of setting specific goals. According to research by Edwin Locke, people who set precise and challenging intentions are able to successfully complete their plans. The main reason behind establishing clear goals is that you will gain a better understanding of the sacrifices and challenging tasks that must be made to achieve them.

2. Decide what you are going to give in exchange for the money you want. Nothing comes for nothing. The bigger and more challenging the goal you set, the more effort and sacrifice you have to put in to get it. To focus on outstanding achievements and do more than usual, you have to take time and energy from other things. Do you dedicate a few hours to this in the previous hours dedicated to fun activities? Moments with friends and family? your savings? Nothing comes from nothing. You have to turn most or all of your efforts toward such a desired goal to turn ideas into reality.

3. Set a firm date when you plan to have the money you want. How long does it take you to reach the desired goal? If you choose a deadline that is too far away, you may feel like you have a lot of time at your disposal. You may end up procrastinating on every task. At the same time, choosing a day too close to the moment of commitment can make you anxious and lead to premature burnout. Carefully assess the amount of work that must be done to accomplish your predetermined goals, and choose your days of success wisely.

Goals are dreams with deadlines. - Napoleon Hill

4. "Make a clear plan for realizing your desire, whether you're ready or not, start putting that plan into action today. It's time to act!" Yes, because it may seem simple and silly, but taking the first step is the hardest thing. You know how much money you want to make; you've decided when to get that exact amount; it's time to make a plan to achieve your goals. It doesn't have to be perfect or detailed; you can add tasks and features as you go, as unexpected events can happen along the way. Knowing what it takes to achieve your goals will help you optimize your time and resources.

5. "Write a clear, concise description of the amount you intend to receive, indicate the time period for which you intend to receive it, state what you intend to pay for the money, and clearly describe the program through which you intend to receive the funds. Accumulation Get up." Once the plan is ready in your mind, write it down. Write down the exact amount you want to accumulate, the deadline, and the steps you will take to achieve financial success. According to an article on goal setting published in Positive Psychology, "People who write down their goals are 50% more likely to achieve them than those who don't." Writing it down makes it sound more real, Easier to implement and you have a clear statement of what you want and how to get it. You are now responsible for making real ink on a sheet of paper.

6. "Read your written statement aloud twice a day, once in the evening before retirement and once in the morning after you get up. As you read, see, feel and believe that you already have the money." Read aloud to you twice a day Statements may seem strange, stupid, or even nonsense, but there are psychological reasons for this approach. In fact, according to Dr. Kathryn J. Lively. The Psychology Today article, "Affirmations are used to reprogram the subconscious mind to encourage us to believe certain things about ourselves or the world. They are also used to help us create the reality we want - often by creating (or attracting) Wealth, love, beauty, and happiness.” In other words, repeating your statement aloud every day, backed up by the emotions associated with having a certain amount of money, has the ability to increase your vibration and, according to the law of attraction, draw you deeper into Something deeply desired is drawn to you.

It is important to follow the instructions in these six steps, and it is especially important that you follow and follow the instructions in the sixth step. - Napoleon Hill.

Will Napoleon Hill's Method of Converting Desires into Monetary Equivalents Work? 

I think we should find out by experimenting with custom goals and personalized achievement plans for ourselves. As Hill has demonstrated many times in his book, successful people are not "successful" until we understand their environment. Some of them started from scratch and made their way to the top; others even, like Ford, invented things that didn't exist before. 

All the inventors and entrepreneurs Hill has interviewed for more than 20 years have many traits in common; one of them is a desire to succeed and achieve the goals they have set for their lives. Preparing their mindset to achieve their stated goals is the first step they take.

Most great people have their greatest successes only to take a step after their greatest failures. - Napoleon Hill

What is the secret of Napoleon Hill in "Think and Grow Rich"?

In fact, the secrets of this book are generally known, and it is not a secret, but because everyone holds these golden keys in their hands and does not practice them in life and work, there is no difference between knowing and not knowing.

So first of all, let's take a look at the secrets mentioned in the book, the golden keys that we all have in our hands.

1. You are the master of your own destiny and the helmsman of your soul because man has the power to control his own thoughts

2. Anyone who knows where to get the knowledge they need and how to organize that knowledge into a clear plan of action is a knowledgeable man

3. Many people are convinced that they are "doomed" to poverty and failure because they believe that there is some strange force in the world that they cannot control. Their "unhappiness" is of their own making because their subconscious mind captures this negative belief and turns it into an objective equivalent.

4. The subconscious mind can take positive cues and turn them into objective equivalents, and in the same way, it can convert negative auto-suggestions into nasty equivalents, such as poverty, disease,

5. Our thinking is to connect our hearts and our spirits. We can feel the powerful power of ourselves. By living in the moment and connecting with infinite wisdom, we can fully feel love. We have a well of love. In our hearts, we are holding the cup and looking around, hoping to be recognized and loved by others,

6. Belief is the chief chemist of the brain, when belief is combined with a shock wave of thought, the subconscious mind immediately detects this shock wave, turning it into a spiritual equivalent, and if you make a wish or pray, he can also convert this shock wave for infinite wisdom

7. Knowledge is potential power, and only when it is organized and used can it be possible to obtain wealth, then it needs to be organized into a clear action plan and directed to act towards a clear purpose, knowledge is power.

8. Imagination is like a factory from which all plans are born. With the help of the imagination of the mind, impulses are formed and acted in this factory

9. A smart brain has effectively marketed itself in a form of capital that is more valuable than the capital created by the commodity being sold. This is because the brain will never be devalued by a recession, and this form of capital cannot be stolen or spent.

10. Poverty consciousness can automatically occupy a mind that is not occupied by money consciousness. Poverty consciousness can arise if you do not consciously use the habit of poverty. However, money consciousness must be created through creation unless you are born with it.

11. Many people believe that material success is the result of a God-given “opportunity.” There is some basis for this view, but people who are completely "feeding on the sky" are almost always disappointed because they ignore another important factor that man must demand before he is certain to succeed, and that is the knowledge of the "good opportunity" given by God.

After reading this, we actually know 90% of the truth, but it seems that we have actually used it. Few of us insist on practice. Since we all want to think and get rich, we need to put it into action. Let’s start by formulating a plan, such as the Methods mentioned in the book:

Present self-suggestion in words, a picture appears in the mind, keep insisting on self-suggestion, and say it out loud with emotion

By January 1st of _ _ _ _ _ _, I will have _ _ million dollars. During this period, the money will come at different times and in different amounts, and in exchange for the money, I will provide the most efficient service possible. As a salesman, I want to provide as much and as good quality service as possible (describe the service or item you intend to sell here), and I believe I can put the money where it is. My beliefs are so strong that I can literally see the money right now. I can touch it with my hands. As long as I provide instant and high-quality service to get it, it will be there waiting for me, no matter what. I'm now waiting for a plan to get the money, and once I get the plan, I'll follow it right away.

Repeat this process morning and night until you "see" the money you want to save in your mind, but this statement is in a place you can see at home every morning and night and read it aloud until you know it by heart. 

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