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Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery | Review, Summary & Facts

Book Review of "Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery" A World Classic Every Girl Should Read
Book Review of "Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery" A World Classic Every Girl Should Read 

Introduction of Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery. A children's literature for all ages, it tells the story of unmarried siblings Matthew and Marilla living in Green Gables who adopt an orphaned daughter Anne Shirley. 

The thin book Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery has only 145,000 words, and vividly and delicately describes Anne's happy growth in Green Gables. 

On the whole, it is very warm, making people feel that the romantic imagination will never be extinguished and that tenderness and beauty will always exist.

Use the most common and vivid descriptions of children's language and actions in traditional children's literature, and set off a typical environment. 

However, it is the successful combination of these traditional writing techniques that have made this work a world-famous classic of children's literature, and "Annie" has become "the most moving and beloved image after Alice".

In this novel, Montgomery uses concise and fresh language to vividly depict the landscape, flowers, and plants, with scenes and emotions, which can not only cultivate children's temperaments but also satisfy children's various aesthetic needs. With the help of Anne's eyes, the novel presents the beautiful and unusual natural environment one by one to the readers.

Literary Criticism Writing Perspective: An Interpretation from the Female Perspective of "Anne of Green Gables"; Appreciation of the Application of Artistic Techniques in "Anne of Green Gables" (Language Art)

Literary Appreciation: Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

"Anne of Green Gables" is a coming-of-age novel. From the upbringing of the protagonist Anne, we can see the author's ecofeminist consciousness beyond the age: the world is a diverse community; man is a part of nature, and all things Form an inseparable web of life, people should treat other creatures equally;

People should love and help each other. Only in this way can human beings get rid of the various crises they face, achieve a happy life, and build an ideal society in which humans and nature coexist in harmony, a "free society that can regulate the relationship between humans and nature."

When Montgomery wrote "Anne of Green Gables", she did not use any special techniques. She just chose comedy events that are close to life and conform to children's age and psychological characteristics, using the most common in traditional children's literature. The vivid descriptions of children's language and actions are complemented by typical environments.

Book: Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery 

Anne of Green Gables is a 1908 novel by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery. Written for all ages, it has been considered a classic children's novel since the mid-20th century. ---Wikipedia
    • Originally published: June 1908
    • Author: Lucy Maud Montgomery
    • Characters: Anne Shirley, Gilbert Blythe, Marilla Cuthbert, 
    • Genres: Novel, Fiction, Children's literature, Bildungsroman
    • Adaptations: Anne With An E (2017),
    • Cover artist: George Gibbs

Anne of Green Gables Creation Background

1. Background of the times

Canada in the late 19th and early 20th centuries was in a period of slower economic development. Prince Edward Island is the smallest, least populated, and least densely populated province in Canada. The Avonlea Village in the novel is a small village on the island, which is located in a remote location and has extremely inconvenient traffic.

The economic and living conditions of the residents in the village are mostly unsatisfactory. Montgomery uses the brushstrokes of women to describe the peaceful and harmonious rural life and magnificent ocean landscape on the island. 

On the one hand, it can be seen that the ecological environment of the island is good and not polluted; on the other hand, it can also clearly reflect the remoteness and backwardness of this place. , the wind of the development of external material civilization has not yet blown to the small mountain village. In this context, the originality of the local people's livelihood structure has hardly been damaged much.

2. The creative process

Montgomery was already a well-known writer by the time she married. Her creative secrets come from daily trivial chores, and she always has a small notebook in her apron pocket, where inspiration strikes and she immediately records.

While browsing the small books, she found a message that sparked her creative inspiration: "An elderly couple applied to an orphanage to adopt a boy, and by accident, a girl was sent over". It was from these words that Montgomery assembled her first novel, published in 1908 as Anne of Green Gables.

About the Author: L. M. Montgomery

Lucy Maud Montgomery was born on the most beautiful Prince Edward Island in Canada. She lived with her grandparents in an old-fashioned farmhouse surrounded by apple orchards. A lifelong love of nature. Lucy started writing poetry at nine, contributing at sixteen, and married at thirty-seven to a priest.

In the long years of busy and hard work, she squeezed in a few hours every day to insist on reading and writing, and she has achieved fruitful results. Her coming-of-age novels for girls have been selling well in English-speaking countries for nearly a century and have been translated into dozens of languages.

Emily's series of novels show the plump growth of a girl in an exotic place with charming artistic charm. Emily insists on her beauty-loving nature and pure feelings, and through her good behavior, becomes a dream girl with a sunny personality and romantic feelings in people's minds.

"Anne of Green Gables" Classic Quotes /Famous Quote

The "Anne of Green Gables" classic quotations/excerpts included in this article are sorted by popularity. Through these "Anne of Green Gables" quotations, you can understand the characteristics of the famous "Anne of Green Gables" quotations.

One day, I will also grow old. Time covers my enthusiasm, devours my innocence, and takes back my childishness, but it cannot erase my happiness. My wish is: "Now be a happy Girl, be a happy aunt in middle age, be a happy old woman in old age—in short, have a happy life."
----Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

In July, the sky is blue, and the sun is like a fireball hanging. The clouds seem to be burned by the sun and disappear without a trace.
Spring is gone with the falling flowers, and green leaves in summer come bouncing in the warm wind.
The early summer sun shines through the dense layers of branches and leaves, and the ground is covered with sparkling spots the size of copper coins.
The wind is blowing with a slight warmth, and the cuckoo's call is sent from time to time, it is telling us: "Spring has returned."
Green grass, reeds, and red, white, and purple wildflowers are suspended high above the A round of hot sun in the sky is steaming, and the air is full of sweet and drunken breath.
----Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Happiness is the true meaning of life, no one lives for suffering. Happy because of simplicity, happy because of innocence, happy because of beauty, even happy because of ignorance. The flower of life is gorgeous, just let it bloom freely. Now, the young heart has not drifted through too many clouds, some are just white clouds and rainbow stripes.
----Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

That's the worst of growing up, and I'm beginning to realize it. The things you wanted so much when you were a child don't seem half so wonderful to you when you get them. 
when you actually get it, it seems far from being so good. I'm starting to realize that the worst thing about growing up is this.
----Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

There is a price to pay for everything we achieve in this world; while lofty ambitions are worth having, they are not easily attainable, requiring hard work, self-restraint, anxiety, and discouragement in various tests.
----Lucy Maud Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Book Summary: Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

Annie, a little red-haired, freckled girl, imaginative, passionate, and candid, captivated me deeply.

I saw this book by accident, but I can't help but say that I was lucky to know Anne when I was out of my childhood. Before I entered the complex world of adults, it was this book that aroused my childlike innocence, simple, and even if it seemed silly to others, my heart was full of happiness, a happiness that only I can understand.

What attracts me most about Annie is her imagination first and foremost. "Shiny Lake", and "Snow Queen", these names that only exist in her world shocked and fascinated me. I thought of the words of my beloved Haizi, "Give every mountain and every river a warm name". 

I like "facing the sea", and I hope it will really "bloom in spring". Annie gave the mountains and rivers in her world their own names. Seeing this, I felt "spring is blooming".

Another thing that attracted me to her was her love of life. Because she is an orphan and has lived in loneliness since childhood, she has a unique aesthetic for life. She could discover all the good things around Green Gables, give them names, and revel in their beauty. Busy life often makes us accustomed to ignoring the beauty around us. 

On the way home every day, we have never paid close attention to the withering and flourishing of the flowers and plants on the side of the road, and the days are passing by in exhaustion. Every day I feel that life is the same, and I hope for changes in the future every day, but ignore the changes that already exist around me.

I like Annie also because of her straightforwardness. She never hides her vanity for virtue, and she never hides her true feelings. So when Mrs. Lynd first saw her and thought she was ugly, she made no secret of her anger and confronted her rudely. 

Her candor is also reflected in never hiding her guilt when she thinks she's made a mistake. While this kind of bluntness might not fit in the adult world, in the ideal world, Anne's character appealed to me deeply.

Of course, Anne's charm lies in her imperfections. She's a nag, sometimes fanciful, and always in trouble. The most hilarious thing is that she dyed her hair privately, and had to cut that part of her hair because she was tricked by a hawker. 

Her other woes are a whole lot more because she's not meant to be a little girl like Diana Barry. Glad that the life of an orphan did not turn Annie into an inferior and timid child, and it was her innate difference that brought change and warmth to Green Gables. I have never forgotten the scene in which Anne timidly asked Marilla if she could stay, and I am glad that Marilla made the right decision.

Anne's friendship with Diana is the main thread in the book. It's strange that two people with such different personalities can be such good friends. Although Diana also had the innocence and curiosity of a little girl, compared with Anne, she was still too ordinary and too well-behaved. 

She was fortunate enough to be Anne's first friend, a true friend. What a joy it was for the talkative Annie after so long of loneliness. So she poured all her enthusiasm into Diana. She can do anything for her. 

And Diana, precisely because of Anne, also has her own imagination, and sometimes she will play a little child's rebellion. But the difference in the living environment still made her become the child that her parents hoped for.

Another person has to be mentioned in Matthew. He was a person who was not good at dealing with people. But his life changes when he meets Annie at the station who has been sent by mistake. Facing a little girl who is full of fantasy and loves to talk, he listens carefully to her conversation and is deeply immersed in it. 

Annie has a natural attraction to her. And it was this wonderful conversation that largely contributed to Annie's stay. Afterward, despite Matthew's promise not to interfere with Marilla's discipline of Anne, he involuntarily coddles the little girl. The part where he went to buy a dress for Annie as a Christmas present moved me at the same time humorous. 

Even a man who needs a lot of courage to talk to a girl went into the store for a little girl, just hoping to buy her a dress. Although his nervousness paid for a rake and bags of excess sugar, in the end, Anne happily put on Matthew's dress.

He was also the first to discover that Anne needed puff sleeves. He found the difference between Annie and other girls, but even this obvious difference was not easy for a man who seemed a little dull to a woman.

He has always been an avid listener to Anne. Anne respected him and regarded him as a confidant. He loved Annie very much and found her unique charm from the very beginning. 

Even though Anne was a troublesome little girl, he adored her, always believing that she was a good kid, a kid he could be proud of. It was his departure that changed the trajectory of Anne's life and stayed at Green Gables. 

Matthew is the person who knows Annie the most in the world. Although Annie's arrival did not change his introverted and shy character, in front of Annie, we saw another Matthew: kind, positive, and optimistic. Matthew, who was never the center of attention, was all about Anne, who was always the center of attention.

For Marilla, Anne's arrival also brought a lot of changes. She poses to Annie as a serious educator, traditional and worldly. But Annie's arrival made her discover another side of herself. Traditional morality taught her to hide her true feelings, but deep down, she found that she and Anne shared many of the same thoughts. 

This is really an interesting phenomenon. Growing up made her control her true feelings, so for Annie, even though her inner life loved her infinitely, she still couldn't help feeling that she shouldn't be so, but she should be an educator.

The history of Anne growing up is a history of changes in Green Gables and the world around it. Anne is like a ray of breeze, bringing warmth to Prince Edward Island.


Book Review: Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

There is a price to pay for everything we achieve in this world; while lofty ambitions are worth having, they are not easily attainable, requiring hard work, self-restraint, anxiety, and discouragement in various tests. ----Lucy Maud Montgomery
On the beautiful Prince Edward Island in Canada, there lives a red-haired, freckled girl who loves everything in nature and likes to name the flowers and trees in the forest. 

She likes both chatter and fantasies. Because of fantasies, she pours painkillers into cakes, smears paste on handkerchiefs, and does all kinds of inexplicable things. This girl is Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne.

"Anne of Green Gables" is a novel about growing up. It tells the story of the innocent and kind Annie, who lost her parents when she was a child and lived in many families. Later, Green Gable's brothers and sisters Matthew and Marilla adopted Annie by accident, and their lives have changed dramatically since then.

"Anne of Green Gables" is the debut novel of Canadian writer Lucy Maud Montgomery. This work was rejected five times before publication. It became a bestseller and was reprinted six times during the year and fifteen times in the UK the following year.

Lucy's debut novel "Anne of Green Gables" has captured the hearts of many girls and has become a must-read on the bookshelves of millions of girls. It is known as "the sweetest girl growing up in the world". 

The image of Anne was said by the great writer Mark Twain: "Anne is the most touching and beloved child image after the immortal Alice."

So, why is this work worthy of so many people reading it?

1. An unfortunate childhood is the cradle of writers

Hemingway once said: "The unfortunate childhood is the cradle of the writer." This sentence can be used to describe the works of Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Lucy was born on November 30, 1874, in Prince Edward Island, Canada. When her mother, Clara, died of tuberculosis when she was two years old, her father remarried soon after and moved out of Prince Edward Island, leaving Lucy raised by her maternal grandparents.

Lucy lived with her grandparents in a farmhouse in Cavendish Village since she was a child. At a young age, she had to help with various farm work and received her grandparents' strict and harsh education.

In the interview, Lucy talked about her grandparents. She said: "My grandparents are very generous to me, and I am deeply grateful, but in other respects, their attitude towards me is not smart."

Lucy remembers a time when she did something naughty and her grandmother made her kneel, begging God for forgiveness, and asking her to admit that she was a bad girl. 

At school, Lucy had been whipped by the teacher because she used a different way of expressing herself, and the teacher thought she should not use vulgar verbal language. Later, Lucy discovered in the Old Testament that this term had been used long ago.

Living in a backward and closed country makes Lucy's life, actions and speech restricted everywhere. In "Anne of Green Gables", Marilla is extremely strict with Anne's education. 

When Annie does something wrong, Marilla locks her in a room and asks her to reflect on and admit her mistake before she can come out, which is exactly the same as Lucy's experience.


Prince Edward Island is one of the most picturesque provinces in Canada, where Lucy has been influenced by nature and nurtured her imagination. Lucy, who has been fond of literature since childhood, began to write poetry at the age of nine and published her first poem at the age of fifteen.

In 1890, Lucy was brought to Prince Albert Island by her grandfather to live with her father and stepmother. The stepmother asked Lucy to help her take care of the child. The inability to go to school made Lucy very miserable, but she resolved her inner pain by writing.

In the story, Anne once went through the families of Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Hammond. The young Anne needed to help them take care of the children and housework, so she had no time to go to school. This is also Lucy's projection of her own experience with Anne.

In 1893, after completing her studies at Cavendish, Lucy completed her course at Prince of Wales University, Charlottetown, where she was licensed to teach. In 1898, when her grandfather died, Lucy decided to return to her hometown to accompany her grandmother in order not to leave her grandmother alone. Until her grandmother died in 1911, she lived the life of an ordinary peasant woman.

In 1908, Lucy published her first novel, Anne of Green Gables. This novel is the accumulation of inspiration and fragmented writing when Lucy was doing daily trivial housework.

Once published, Anne of Green Gables quickly became a bestseller, gaining the love and attention of readers, and Lucy became a household name. Afterward, Lucy took Annie's growth experience as the mainline of the story and wrote the "Annie Series" books, which captured the hearts of the majority of boys and girls.


Second, an unsatisfactory life requires an optimistic heart

"Anne of Green Gables," tells the story of the orphan Annie's upbringing from a third-person perspective. At the age of eleven, Anne was adopted by Green Gable's siblings Matthew and Marilla. 

When she left the orphanage, she was full of joy thinking that she would never have to suffer from abandonment again. Unexpectedly, the purpose of Matthew and Marilla adopting the child is to adopt a boy and help Matthew do the work on the farm.

When Annie got the news, her heart was broken, and she cried aloud, "You don't want me because I'm not a boy! I should have known that. No one wanted me. I should have known. It was all a flash in the pan.”

As an orphan, Annie has no choice but to be adopted by a family is the greatest fortune. Of course, it is also possible that they will be rejected by the new family and sent back to the orphanage. As of now, Anne was mistaken by Marilla as the one who delivered the words.

So, Marilla plans to send Annie back to the orphanage. On the way back, Marilla asked Annie, "How are those women—Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Hammond?" Annie had been to two families, helping them with children and housework. Later, their husbands died one after another, the children had to be sent away, and Annie was sent back to the orphanage.

At this point, Annie didn't complain to Marilla about their badness like she did, but said, "I know they're going to be as nice to me as possible. When people are going to be nice to you, even if they're not very good. Nice to you, and you won't mind too much." Marilla was moved by Anne's lack of harsh words towards her adopted family.


In the movie "Heidi and Grandpa", Heidi's parents died and she lived with her aunt since childhood. When she was five years old, her aunt could no longer adopt her due to difficulties in her life, so she sent her to live with her grandfather. 

Facing her aunt's push and her grandfather's dislike, Heidi did not cry or make trouble, but consciously lived in the sheepfold and waited for her grandfather's arrangement.

At first, Grandpa planned to hand Heidi to the priest and send it to an orphanage for adoption by others. After a few days of contact, Grandpa found that Heidi was a kind and optimistic child and finally decided to keep Heidi.

In fact, the world of children is very simple, they just want to get warmth and love. Faced with the hardships of life and the ugliness of the world, they know how to treat each other with kindness and discover the beauty hidden in them. 

However, it is difficult for adults to treat the people and things around them from a childlike perspective. When children gradually become adults, they gradually lose the innocence they once had.

Pushkin once said: "If life deceives you, don't be sad, don't be impatient! Calmness is needed on gloomy days: believe, happy days will come!"

Whether it was being adopted by Mrs. Thomas, doing endless housework all day, or returning to a poor orphanage and waiting for adoption day after day, Anne was always full of yearning for life and kindness to people, while Ma Rila saw the innocence of Anne. In the end, she changed her mind and decided to adopt this kind of girl.


In this world, everyone is moving forward, but everyone has different attitudes toward life. Some people complain about the injustice of life all day long, while others move forward silently, believing that happy days are just around the corner. 

The former will become more and more tiring, and the more they live, the more they feel that life has no meaning, while the latter will seek the meaning of life in the midst of suffering, and the more they live, the more wonderful they will find in life.

Helen Heller, a famous American female writer, suffered from a disease since childhood. Due to acute gastric congestion and cerebral congestion, she was deprived of her eyesight and hearing, so her speech was slurred. For a disabled person, a world without light and sound is darkness and silence.

However, Helen Keller did not feel depressed about life but instead looked for an outlet in the dark. In order to pronounce it clearly, she tied a small rope to a metal rod, held it in her mouth, and held the other end in her hand. In order to prevent her writing from being crooked, she also made a wooden frame and equipped a pulley to practice writing.

Through her own efforts and the assistance of Teacher Sally, in June 1899, Helen Keller was admitted to Harvard University's Radcliffe College for Women. In June 1968, Helen Keller died at the age of 87. During this period, Helen. Keller has completed 14 books.

Living in this world, no one is easy, some people are born without their parents, and some people have been tortured by illness since childhood, but they have never complained about life, but they have worked hard to move forward and always believe in the future. would be better, and they did prove it.


3. Leaping through youth and moving toward maturity is the only way for everyone

As a coming-of-age novel, one of the reasons Anne of Green Gables has always fascinated readers is: what happened to Anne? People read stories hoping to see a happy ending, such as a prince and princess who overcome all odds and live a happy life.

While reading this novel, everyone is as eager to see that Annie's ending is perfect. However, a story without ups and downs is monotonous, and "Anne of Green Gables" does just the right thing about Anne's luck and misfortune.

The protagonist of the novel, Annie, is the incarnation of the author Lucy. Annie carries Lucy's growth experience. What boys and girls see in Annie are not only wonderful stories but also their childhood shadows.

When Anne first arrived at Green Gables, Marilla made a series of educational plans, intending to cultivate Anne into an obedient, smart, and polite girl. However, Anne is not born with a well-behaved personality. She is lively, cheerful, imaginative, and loves to express herself.

Once, Marilla asked Annie to help make a cake and entertain guests, but Annie poured painkillers into it as baking powder, and the result was an extremely unpalatable cake, which made Marilla lose face in front of the guests.

Although Annie played cards out of common sense, not a personality that Marilla could understand, or even a well-behaved girl in the eyes of the neighbors, Marilla and Matthew still loved this little girl. They loved her innocence, optimism, and more. Her open-mindedness and kindness.

Anne once invited her good friend Diana to the house. They ate snacks and drank sweet wine together, thinking it was a pleasant party. Unexpectedly, Annie mistook the wine for purple plum liqueur and used it to greet Diana. 

As a result, Diana fell into bed drunk and fell asleep for several hours. When Diana's mother, Mrs. Barry, found out, she was very angry and ordered Diana to be banned from communicating with Anne.

Anne was sad and sorry for it, but she did not hold any grudge against Mrs. Barry for it. When Diana's sister Minnie May suffered from laryngitis and was on the line, Anne did not hesitate to take emergency measures, feeding her hot water and medicine, and waiting for the doctor to come to the rescue.

Finally, the doctor arrived. The doctor told Annie on the spot that fortunately she had taken emergency measures in advance, otherwise, it would be too late to rescue him when he arrived. 

Doctors told Mr. and Mrs. Barry what had happened at the scene, and they were surprised by Anne's actions. After this incident, Mrs. Barry's attitude towards Anne changed.


The adult world likes to care about profits and losses and often makes choices that maximize profits. Even if children make friends, they still need to see if the other person is a "good" child, and often talk about "those who are close to Zhu are red, those who are close to ink are black". If the other party is a so-called "bad" child, he will interfere with the child's social interaction.

However, for children, their world is clean and simple. They don't know how to care about gains and losses, and they don't know the worldly "good" and "bad". They feel that as long as they can play, they must be good friends, and what adults lack is precisely the mentality of children who do not care about gains and losses.

Of course, Mrs. Barry's view of Annie changed, not only because Annie saved Minnie May, but because Annie showed her the innocence that adults are losing.

At the end of the story, Anne was awarded a scholarship to Queen's College with honors, which was enough to cover her tuition fees for university. However, Anne eventually gave up the chance to go to college. 

Marilla had to sell the Green Gables farm to pay for Annie's college life when the bank collapsed and Matthew and Marilla's savings vanished, and Matthew died of a heart attack.

However, Anne didn't want Marilla to sell the farm and move away from Green Gables, and she finally decided to give up the chance to go to college. She said to Marilla, "You've done so much for me, Marilla, and of course, you shouldn't think I'd leave you alone when you're in trouble." So Anne returned to Green Gables as a teacher, to accompany Marilla through her old age.

Although Anne temporarily gave up the opportunity to go to college, she plans to study college courses by herself. Because she knows that in order to realize her ideal, she cannot be restricted by the closed environment of the small town. Annie's change of ideal goals shows that she is maturing. As Carl Sandburg said: "I am an idealist, and although where I am going, I am on my way."

The novel "Anne of Green Gables" perfectly describes Anne's growth trajectory - from a child's ignorance to a responsible and responsible mature woman. Annie's image has always attracted many young girls, which is bit by bit in her growth, from confusion and innocence to knowing herself and becoming mature.

Why hasn't our growth been like this? From immature to mature, grow little by little. It's just that in the process of growing up, some people lose their innocence and innocence, and become complex and sharp. 

The most valuable part of the novel "Anne of Green Gables" is that it uses the mirror of children to reflect on the absurdity and paradox of the adult world so that people can reflect on life and themselves again.


Anne of Green Gables Synopsis

There are a total of eight Annie series, and my family is basically complete. The following is my summary:

Unmarried and unmarried siblings Matthew and Marilla live in a house with green gables. As they get older, they plan to go to an orphanage to adopt a boy so that they can take care of their farm work in the future, but By accident, the orphanage brought an 11-year-old girl named Anne Shirley.

Although Annie is the heroine in the novel, she is not a traditional princess girl. She came from a humble background. Her parents are village teachers. Although she is poor, she loves each other very much. However, when Annie was only three months old, her mother died of a fever. , Soon, his father also passed away due to illness.

Annie's childhood has been living a life of being a cow and a horse. Even though she was a child herself, she worked very hard to help take care of many younger children for the neighbors who adopted her. Later, the neighbor's wife's house suffered great changes and could no longer take in Annie. Annie had to go to the orphanage.

Because of her tragic childhood, she felt insecure and desperately longed for a home. Kind-hearted Matthew and Mary drew pity and decided to adopt her to their Green Gables home.

Annie's appearance was unremarkable when she was a child, and her life of displacement caused her to be severely malnourished. She was scrawny, pale, and had some freckles. Moreover, she has long red hair that is as bright as blood. Red hair has always been a symbol of ominousness in the West, and people with red hair will also be regarded as aliens by everyone. 

Annie felt inferior because of her red hair and even tried to dye her hair daringly (once she bought hair dye to dye her black hair, but she was tricked by a businessman and dyed her hair green and had to cut it off).

But Annie is lively and optimistic by nature. She still loves life after hardships. She is also good at whimsy, longing for all romantic things, and has an attractive charm. And she never lied, she was honest and straight.

After Anne was sent to school by her adoptive parents, she met many friends. Among them, Anne's best friend, Diana Barry, had beautiful black hair and dark eyes. Anne was very envious of her hair color. Diana was kind, cheerful, and full of enthusiasm. , and Anne are almost inseparable.

The relationship between the two was so good that Annie and Diana had such a good relationship that the adoptive father bought her her favorite chocolate candy without hesitation and gave Diana more than half of it. Diana also shared any good things with her. Annie.

Anne also has someone she hates, and that is her classmate Gilbert, although Gilbert studies well and is widely recognized as a handsome man.

But he once laughed at Annie and called Annie "Carrot Head". Annie picked up the slate next to him and knocked him on the head very angrily. The teacher who happened to pass by thought Annie was grumpy and made Annie look "very bad-tempered". The sign stood for a long time.

Anne's origins led to her high self-esteem, so she held a grudge against Gilbert. Even if Gilbert later asked Annie to apologize solemnly, Annie ignored it and vowed to hate him for the rest of her life, no matter how much Diana persuaded Annie.

Anne really ignored Gilbert again and never said hello when passing by.

Although Gilbert has always been concerned about Anne,

Once Annie and Gilbert were assigned a table, Gilbert secretly put a piece of candy for Annie with the words "You are cute" on it, Annie threw the candy on the ground and stomped on it.

One time, there was a large and fragrant apple on Annie's table, which aroused Annie's appetite. When she was just about to bite, she suddenly remembered that the only place on the whole island to produce this kind of "strawberry apple" was Gilbert's orchard. He had to put down the apple quickly and wiped his mouth with a handkerchief exaggeratedly.

Once Gilbert gave Annie some Mayflowers she liked, but Annie rejected it with contempt.

Annie has always been outstanding in her studies and can be said to be the top leader among her peers, which also makes Annie the pride of her adoptive parents. Gilbert's grades are comparable to Anne's. 

Each time the ranking list is either Anne's No. 1, Gilbert's No. 2, or Anne's No. 2, Gilbert's No. 1, so Anne regards Gilbert as a competitor and a thorn in her side. Annie's studies continued to progress as she faced off with Gilbert over and over again.

One time, the boat Anne was in leaked, and when the boat was about to sink, Gilbert happened to be nearby. He rushed over without waiting for Anne to speak and saved Anne's life in a critical situation.

Annie thanked him, Gilbert apologized again for mocking Annie's hair color, said he was just joking, not discriminating against redheads or deliberately angering Annie, and sincerely asked Annie, "Can we still be friends? Annie refused: "I'll never be friends with you! I don't want to do that!"

"Okay!" Gilbert was a little angry. "Since you said that, I won't ask you to be my friend! And I don't care either"

Anne had two suitors when she was a teenager, one was Charlie and the other was Billy. They liked Annie not because they thought Annie was pretty, but because they thought Annie was the smartest and most talented girl in the school, but Annie felt nothing for them. (After Annie went to college, they both proposed like Annie, but they were both rejected)

Annie has a sweet voice, is good at singing, and is very gifted at speaking. Once Annie was going to a dazzling music hall to give a speech. , Annie felt very stage fright.

Just when she stared at the auditorium with wide eyes in horror, she suddenly saw Gilbert sitting in the back row looking at her with a smile, Annie thought Gilbert was laughing at her, (in fact, Gilbert's smile was just a smile on her face. The atmosphere of the concert and an appreciation and recognition of Anne's aura)

So she raised her head proudly - she couldn't let this competitor make a mistake and give him a chance to laugh at her! ...

In the end, Anne's speech was very successful and the applause was deafening.

After the speech, a rose fell from Anne's head. Gilbert picked it up and put it in his breast pocket. Diana, who was beside him, told Anne about it. Anne's reply was, "What does that person do? It has nothing to do with me, I won't waste time thinking about him!"

Although Annie said so, she regretted how cruel she had been to Gilbert at the beginning. She suddenly realized how good Gilbert was and how suitable she was to be her friend, but she had never paid attention to these before.

Annie, who is 16 years old, wants to go to university, but the tuition fee at the university is high. She does not want to increase the financial burden on her adoptive parents and wants to go to university through a scholarship. But then the grades came out (she tied for first with Gilbert) and she gave up the chance to go to college because something happened to Green Gables.

The bank where the adoptive parents kept their savings went bankrupt, which directly led to the death of the adoptive father of a heart attack.

Misfortunes do not come singly. The adoptive mother needs eye surgery because of vision problems. This series of incidents makes the adoptive mother plan to sell Green Gables. 

Anne told her adoptive mother that she had decided to stay and guard Green Gables with her adoptive mother. This is also done to accompany my adoptive mother who is almost blind.

At this time, Gilbert gave Annie his opportunity to teach at the vocational school. He would rather go to work in a farther place and help Annie.


"Mrs. Rachel!" cried Anne, jumping up in surprise. "I thought they promised Gilbert!"

"Yeah, they agreed, but when Gilbert heard that you applied, he went to them. He said he was going to withdraw the application and told them to accept your application. And he was going to teach in White Sands, of course, he knew. 

You want to stay with Marilla, I gotta say he's a really good, thoughtful guy, it's self-sacrifice, he's got to pay for his own board and lodging in White Sands, but everyone knows he's got to save money Going to the council decided to use you"

I'm not supposed to accept it," Anne murmured, "I mean, I shouldn't have made Gilbert sacrifice for me. "

"I think you can't stop it now. He has signed a contract with Baisha Town, and even if you refuse, it will not benefit him.")

On Annie's way downhill, a tall, handsome young man whistled out of the door of his house. This was Gilbert. The whistle disappeared from his lips when he recognized Annie. He raised his hat politely.

But if Anne didn't stop and reached out, he would have walked past her without a word.

"Gilbert, I want to thank you for giving up this school for me, you are so kind - I want you to know that I am very grateful for that."

Gilbert took Annie's outstretched hand warmly. "No, it's not at all that I'm particularly generous, Annie. I'm glad I could give you a little help!"

(So ​​they chatted, and let go)

PS: I saw someone on Douban saying that Gilbert was really good, and after silently handing over his position to Annie, he would not show off on purpose. Even when she met Annie, she would not come forward and act like a gentleman. 

If Annie didn't take the initiative to reach out, he would have walked over silently like this. Just because that joke from many years ago has not been forgiven.


"Who was that man who came back from the path with you, Annie?"

"Gilbert Blythe," Annie replied. She was annoyed to find herself blushing.

"I met Barry on the hill at his house."

"I didn't expect you and Gilbert to be such good friends, you actually stood at the door and talked to him for half an hour." The adoptive mother said with a stiff smile.

"...We talked for half an hour? It only seemed like a few minutes? But, you know, we have to make up for what we haven't said in the past five years."

Anne ended up saving the home she shared with her adoptive parents, Green Gables after she got a job as a teacher close to home.

Later, after Annie worked as a teacher for a period of time because she was very good at educating children, she won the love of many children.

At the age of 18, the condition of the adoptive mother gradually improved, and Annie and Gilbert saved enough money to go to college for further studies (Annie was the first girl in her hometown to go to college). 

The two young men talked enthusiastically about their plans and hopes. Since the future is an untrodden path, young people feel that every dream can be realized.

Gilbert made up his mind to become a doctor.

"I think that's an excellent job," he said. "A man has to go through some kind of battle in his life... Someone defines 'life' as a fighting animal... I'm going to talk about the Pain, disease, and ignorance battle. 

I also want to do my part in medical work. We have done so much for our predecessors, and we should also do some good for future generations. I will do it this way. People are grateful."

"I want to increase the beauty of life," said Anne dreamily, "which is a little different from pursuing further knowledge... Of course, I don't deny that it is a high ideal... 

But, I want to use my own life, so that others can live happier... Whether it is a trivial joy or the pursuit of happiness, although I have never had it, as long as others are willing to try, I will try my best to help them."

"You have been fulfilling this hope every day all the time!" Gilbert said in a moving tone.

Indeed, Anne was a natural joy-monger. As long as it is people in Annie's life circle, Annie will give them sunny smiles and words of love. Those who receive Annie's words of love will often realize on the spot that life is happy and full of hope.

As she got older, Annie became more and more beautiful, her freckles became less and less and finally almost disappeared, her skin became white and flawless, her figure gradually showed, and she became more and more confident and no longer for herself With red hair, he feels inferior but feels that red hair is very special and suits him very well.

At this time, Gilbert suddenly proposed to her, which caught Anne off guard!

(Actually, when Anne and Gilbert first met many years ago, Gilbert had already fallen in love with her. In Gilbert's eyes at that time, Anne was a very special and spiritual girl, and he was still the head. Once I saw such a different girl, I was deeply attracted.

He wanted to know Annie and tried to get Annie to notice him, but Annie turned a blind eye to him, so he resorted to the stupid way of getting Annie's attention by laughing at her... and it was self-defeating. )

Annie rejected Gilbert, thinking they were still friends: "Well... as a friend, I like you very much. But I don't know if I love you or not."

"So, one day in the future, will you have a good opinion of me? Can I have that hope?"

"Please don't bother, it's useless"

Another long silence - so long that it frightened Annie

Annie had to look up. It turned out that Gilbert's face and lips had become very pale.

"Do you have someone else you like?" he asked in a low voice.

"Where... I don't..." Anne eagerly denied, "I've never had good intentions with any man about that—but, as a friend, I like you more than anyone. But I'm sorry, forgive me for not accepting your marriage proposal!" 

Anne could only say these words. Those elegant and proper sentences that Anne was going to use to refuse marriage have slipped into the sky.

Gilbert put down Annie's hand gently and said, "You don't have to say sorry, I thought I had a crush on you, but it was just my fantasy."

Once Anne was hiding from the rain, she met a handsome man named Royer. Royer was not only good-looking, but also had a noble birth, a wealthy family, and was very romantic. It was perfect. 

The only liking pursued Annie giving Annie flowers and writing a love poem to Annie whose literary talent reached the magazine level. Annie, who liked romance since childhood, was moved and believed that he was her destined Prince Charming.

When Annie was still feeling lost for rejecting Gilbert, she saw a brunette named Christine and Gilbert walking together and chatting and laughing and heard rumors that Christine was Gilbert's romantic partner. Some even said they were about to get married.

It seems that Gilbert is not serious about his confession, or he is on a whim, or he will not turn around and get engaged in the sudden appearance of Christine. Annie thought so, gave up Gilbert, and established a relationship with Royer.

But love is not as wonderful as she thought, maybe because of the different social classes, she and Royer have very little in common. One time Anne told Royer a sentence she thought was humorous. 

Unexpectedly, Royer did not understand the mystery contained in the sentence. Anne remembered that when she and Gilbert mentioned this sentence, the two of them coincided. The picture of laughing backward and forwards...

Although Gilbert is relatively straight and not as romantic as Royer, he is really much more humorous than Royer. Annie and Gilbert always have many, many happy and interesting conversations - about the world around them, their vision for the future, their hopes, their ideas, and their aspirations...

(A beauty who likes Gilbert once said that half of what Gilbert said she couldn't understand because Gilbert spoke like Annie, which made people half-understood.)

On the eve of graduation, Anne received two bouquets of flowers. One is a gift of violets from Royale; the other is a lily of the valley. The lily-of-the-valley flower reminded Annie of the lily-of-the-valley flower that bloomed at the Green Gables House when June came. And there's Gilbert's card next to the bouquet.

Before setting off for the graduation ceremony, Anne suddenly put down Royale's violets and put Gilbert's lily of the valley on her chest.

Annie, who had been fulfilling her long-cherished wish for many years, once again thought of the years in Ai Fanli, the sweet dreams weaved there, and her childhood friend. 

Anne and Gilbert finally put on their bachelor's caps and bachelor's uniforms as graduates of the literature department. Under such circumstances, how can there be a seat for Royale?

Instead, Annie, her childhood friend, and the flower of common hope came to fruition. Because of this, the flowers presented by old friends occupied Annie's heart, and the long-cherished wish for many years was finally fulfilled.

That night, the literature graduates threw a celebratory dance, and Anne dressed up, put on a pearl necklace, and took out of the suitcase the little box that had been sent to Green Gables on Christmas Day. 

It contained a gold lock necklace, with a card that read "I hope you are happy forever! From my friend Gilbert." The necklace reminded her of Gilbert calling her "carrots" and his failed attempts to restore friendships with heart-shaped candies.

Annie thought of the past, smiled, and wrote a thank you letter to Gilbert. Although Annie has never worn that necklace, tonight, she will be wearing it with a smile for the first time.

Soon Royer proposed to Annie. She thought she would be very excited, but she didn't. She was shocked that she didn't really love Royer, but was moved by his romance. For two years, she was only immersed in youth. In the illusory beauty where fantasy and reality overlap.

In fact, she and a rich boy like Royer are not the same. In contrast, Gilbert's childhood sweetheart like Gilbert is more suitable for her.

After she came to her senses, she rejected Royer. At this time, the students Annie had taught told her the bad news that Gilbert was seriously ill, dying, and I was afraid that he would die tonight.

Annie was stunned, pale with fright, and finally realized how sad she would be to lose Gilbert forever...

A friend of Anne's who had seen it all wrote a letter to Gilbert, who miraculously recovered after receiving the letter.

But Anne worried that Gilbert was still in love with Kristen, after all, they were engaged.

When Gilbert came to visit, Anne didn't wear her most gorgeous clothes, but a dress that Gilbert had praised, which beautifully brought out Anne's unique hair color and star-like green eyes. And ivory skin, and while walking down the forest path, Gilbert peeked at Annie every now and then and thought she had never been so pretty.

Anne also looked at Gilbert from time to time and felt that he was really old and sick as if Shui Jiu had abandoned his boyhood.

The weather that day was beautiful and the road was beautiful. When they reached Hestad's garden, Anne felt that they had arrived too soon, and she wished to keep walking with Gilbert and gossip.

The scenery here is beautiful and pleasant. See Jing Si people. Annie remembered the picnic scene with Diana, Jean, and other friends here in the past. 

At that time, daffodils and violets were blooming everywhere. What about today? It was replaced by the yellow wild chrysanthemums that dot the earth, and the revival grass bet on a blue sky in the garden. The cry of the river, through the valley of birch trees, echoed in the air with words of love.

"Annie, what kind of dream do you want to achieve?" Gilbert asked.

There was something hidden in his tone that made Annie's heartbeat like a deer

Annie pretended to be relaxed and said: "We can't make all our dreams come true, but a person who has no beautiful dreams in his heart is not as good as dead, just like the setting sun, it will definitely be able to absorb the asters and ferns. It's nice to enjoy the aroma."

I had a dream," Gilbert said slowly, "and several times it seemed impossible to achieve, but I still kept chasing it. I'm having a family dream. There's a jumping flame on the stove, some cats, and dogs, and you can hear your friends' footsteps all the time...and your presence. "

Annie wanted to say something but never said a word.

"I asked you a question for two years, and now I want to ask you again, will you give me a different answer?"


"But I always... thought you liked Kristen," Annie said.

Gilbert smiled childishly after hearing this. It turned out that Christine was the younger sister of Gilbert's male friend. Her brother asked Gilbert to take care of her when she left, that's all, although Christine was indeed engaged, the object is not Gilbert.

"I haven't loved any girl but you. I've loved you since you knocked on my head with a slate in elementary school"

"Have you always loved me?"

"Only once did I really think about not loving you anymore, that was when Royale came on stage, I felt like I had no hope, and I firmly believed that you would marry me until I was sick in bed and the heat faded a little, I still have this thought, thankfully Mayfair (Annie's friend) wrote to me saying you didn't accept Royale's proposal and encouraged me to try again, after reading this letter I recovered very quickly, even the doctor Surprised."

Annie said, "I will never forget the night you were in critical condition. That night, I suddenly realized that I thought it was too late!"

"It's okay, it's over! We can make today the best day ever"

"Today is our happy birthday..." Anne said tenderly.

" have to wait a long time for me!" Gilbert said sadly, his tone full of apologetics "I still have three years to graduate from medical school...and I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't give you a diamond ring, and a marble sculpture. The living room is built..." (Annie yearned for these when she was a little girl)

"I don't care about these things! What I want is your people. We can wait for each other, support each other, encourage each other, and live a happy life while dreaming. 

Your dream is not to have a warm home. In fact, I have had the same dream over the years, and I firmly believe that it will come true one day!" Annie's clear eyes shone with light, which is the light that countless young people have been ecstatic with love for thousands of years.


Anne and Gilbert have been together ever since, and then they went through a long-distance relationship (they often wrote letters when they were in a long-distance relationship), then got married and had children, had six children with different personalities, a couple are twins

(A daughter died at birth and a son died in the war.) These children inherit the advantages of their parents, both in looks and character. Neither Annie nor Gilbert gained weight in middle age and looked much younger than their peers. The children also participated in World War I, and the pattern was grand.

Anne of Green Gables Reading Notes

After reading a famous book, I believe that you must have a lot of gains worth sharing. Why not calm down and write reading notes? So do you write reading notes? The following are the reading notes of Anne of Green Gables compiled by the editor. Welcome to read. I hope you will like it.

I still remember the first time I saw a physical book when I was in a bookstore. On the cover, under the plain green wall, the red-haired Annie smiled brightly, and even the freckles on her face looked vivid and lovely. I was hooked almost instantly and bought this book for the first time without any hesitation.  

After reading this book, I was deeply moved and felt that it was truly a touching story of friendship, duty, and love. In the book, Green Gable's farmhouse siblings Matthew and Mariela decide to adopt a boy, but by accident, the orphanage sends a fanciful, chattering red-haired girl, Annie. 

Her unique personality makes her frequent troubles and makes people laugh, changing the two brothers and sisters, and affecting their love. Annie is smart, hard-working, and got into college with her own efforts, but she gave up her studies in order to take care of Marilla.  

After reading this book, I fell in love with this girl with a personality who loves fantasy. She was immersed in her own beauty fantasies all day long.

In her imagination, Sakura is her Snow Queen, and Apple is her girl in red; the naughty stream laughs under the snow cover; she also imagines the shadow and echo of herself as two close friends, telling them her heart …Reading these innocent and romantic fantasies of Annie, I felt myself being transported into a wonderful world by Annie, where I felt another kind of magic and joy.

In fact, I am also a girl who loves fantasy and often has many wonderful and sweet dreams. I like to look up at the white clouds in the sky, and unconsciously I am a white cloud; I like small animals, and I often talk to them kindly, making my mother laugh at me for being a little fool... At this moment, I have found a girl who loves fantasies more than me Annie, I want to befriend her.  

Annie is an orphan. Her life and experience are very unfortunate, but she is not defeated by this misfortune and pain. She is optimistic and progressive. With her hard work and diligence, she was admitted to Queen's School and won the Avery Scholarship. With self-effort, let the dream become a reality one by one.

Thinking about myself, every time I encounter a math problem, I want to back down and don't want to think too much, so these "blockers" also stand in my way. Annie is definitely not willing to make friends with such a person, so I will be like Annie in the future, not afraid of difficulties, overcome these "blockers", and make my dream come true as soon as possible.  

Annie is like a beacon, illuminating the direction of my efforts and illuminating my heart! Annie, let's be good friends!

Muhiuddin Alam is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of He serves as a consistent contributor to various websites and publications, including Medium, Quora, Reddit, Linkedin, Substack, Vocal, Flipboard, and Amazon KDP. Alam personally read numerous books and, for the past 10 years, has been providing book recommendations and reviews. Find Me: About Me & Google Knowledge Panel.

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